Universal Alarm Battery 12V, 7AH | Sentry AGM

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The 12V 7AH Sentry AGM is a maintenance‑free battery that provides long service life and dependability. The battery is for use only with charging circuits calibrated for lead‑acid batteries. It is suitable for supplying backup power for fire, security, and access control systems during AC power failures.

The unit fits in any of the currently offered enclosures and connects to the two color‑coded battery leads supplied with the control panel or module. This is a standard alarm battery used universally with almost all major alarm manufacturers.


-          12 VDC sealed lead-acid

-          Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination and maintenance free

-          7Ah

-          Fully rechargeable

-          Maintenance‑free

-          For use as secondary power for accessory modules

-          Long service life

-         2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty - (Covers Defect Only, not Lifespan)

-         Highest quality parts in the industry: ISO 9002 Certified

-         Easy Installation

-        Non-Spillable: Can be operated in any position without leakage


20Hr. rate of 0.35A to 10.5V 7Ah
10Hr. rate of 0.65A to 10.5V 6.5Ah
5Hr. rate of 1.20A to 10.2V 6Ah
1Hr. rate of 4.20A to 9.6V 4.2Ah

Energy Density (20Hr. rate) - 1.46WH/ cubic inch (89.4WH/ liter)

Maximum Discharge Current with Standard Terminals - 35A Amperes

Charge Retention (shelf life) at 60° F (20° C) :

1 Month 97%
3 Month 91%
6 Month 85%

Life Expectancy:   Standby use - 3 to 5 years

Cycle use (approx.) - 100% Depth of Discharge 250 cycles, 50% Depth of Discharge 550 cycles, 30% Depth of Discharge 1200 cycle.

Approx. dimensions 151mm long x 65mm wide x 95mm tall (including terminals)

Weight (approx.): 5.42 pounds (2.46kgs.)

Can be used with Bosch, Honeywell Ademco, Napco, DSC, GE  and Hills Alarm Systems