EVS 2606B (Bagless) Ducted Vacuum Kit with 9M Hose, Attachments and More

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1X Australian Made EVS 2606B Unit
1X 9m Standard Hose
1X Wand Tool Set
1X Silencer/Muffler
1X Vacuum Bag
1X HEPA Filter
1x Mounting Bracket and Screw
1x 90 Degree Installation Bend

The EVS Power Unit, "the heart of the cleaning system" is constructed only with quality materials and workmanship, assuring years of trouble free vacuuming. The EVS 2606B ducted vacuum system is suitable for homes, townhouses and apartments up to 26 squares with a maximum of 4 inlet points

 Power Unit Features

-          Right & Left Entry points for connection of ducting pipe to unit.

-          Cyclonic Filtration System utilising HFPC filter for added motor protection.

-          Dual Filtration Compatibility; allowing optional Disposable Filter bag to be fitted if required with Bag Conversion Kit.

-          Large capacity dirt receptacle easily emptied by releasing two clamping latches that provide a hermetic vacuum seal between motor base housing and dirt receptacle.

Single printed circuit board control module complete with:

-          ON/OFF switch for operating inlet point on power unit

-          Terminals for extra low voltage remote connections for inlet points inside house

-          IEC type socket and lead for power mains connection

-          Dual LED technology status indicators for visual standby and operating modes

Injected moulded from high impact, high temperatures ABS polycarbonate and polypropylene plastics

-          Provides greater strength and durability

-          Will not dent and will last a house time

-          Rust and Corrosion proof

-          Excellent for areas where there is excessive humidity and ideal for coastal areas

Manufactured to meet with all relevant Electrical Safety Standards in Australia and complies with the EMC emission standard AS/NZS 1044. Power units are all marked with the approved marking, logo, and registration number N1461.

Powered by High Efficiency 2 Stage 183mm Turbine Tangential By-pass Ametek Lamb Electric Professional grade vacuum motors. Tangential discharge of outgoing air with Silencer fitted for exhaust noise reduction and allows for venting to outside for 100% filtration.