Installation Parts

Bends, Couplings, Vacuum Inlets, Glue are just some of the items Zippy has available to help you install rough  your ducted vacuum

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45' Elbow
We suggest using 45's, even two of them when possible, to use less 90's. When the pipe line needs to..
Ex Tax: $0.80
4M Length Pipe for Ducted Vacuum (PICK UP ONLY)
PVC 4M Length Pipe  Item can not be shipped. Only Available for Click and Collect ..
Ex Tax: $6.85
EVS Weatherproof Canopy
This Weather Canopy is designed for installations where the power unit is located outdoors to preven..
Ex Tax: $77.30
Half Point
Half Point for Garage Point with Vacuums that have not got built in inlet valve on the machine. U..
Ex Tax: $3.50
PipeGrip PVC Solvent Glue 125ML
Pipe Grip Type N Blue Solvent Cement is formulated as a high bond strength PVC pipe cement in all no..
Ex Tax: $5.28
Short 90' Elbow
Use this fitting at the mounting plates only. Since this is the sharpest turn in the system, potenti..
Ex Tax: $0.80
Sweep 90' Elbow
We provide the highest quality fittings ..
Ex Tax: $1.26
Sweep 90' Tee
For connecting a branch to the main line. Be sure the airflow is adequate. Do not install the tee ba..
Ex Tax: $1.28
Vacu Sweep (Sweep Inlet Valve) Only
The Vacusweep automatic dustpan for ducted vacuum systems is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. To..
Ex Tax: $48.00
Vaculine Inlet Valve
The slim design of this valve represents the latest trend in the ducted vacuum industry. The fu..
Ex Tax: $6.50
VacuSweep Install Kit
Today's central vacuum systems offer more features than ever. If you are installing a new central va..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Vacuum Coupling
For connecting two pieces of pipe together. ..
Ex Tax: $0.70
Vacuum Mounting Plate
Most popular bracket for all rectangle shaped Basic Inlet Valve Covers. Install into new constructio..
Ex Tax: $3.64
Vacuum Saddles
Universal Size ..
Ex Tax: $0.52