LED Flood Lights & Spotlights

 Designed with high-quality bodies that promote heat dissipation, Our floodlights ensure stable running and long life, while still achieving excellent efficiency. From residential or commercial - We have a floodlight to suit your project.

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100W Slimline LED Flood Light | Matelec
Includes 1.5m cord and plug Features Ultra Slim and Compact Design Wide 120° Beam Angle Ul..
Ex Tax: $98.00
10W Phillips SMD LED Slimline Floodlight in Black (10W Equals to 100W of Halogen)
ABOUT LED FLOODLIGHTS The LED floodlight is fast becoming the most widely used outdoor light sour..
Ex Tax: $22.00
Elcop 13W LED Single Spotlight
The Elcop LED Single Spotlight is a 13W energy efficient LED exterior spotlight. The spotl..
Ex Tax: $28.00
Elcop 13W Single LED Spotlight with 180 Degree Sensor
The Elcop Single 13W LED Spotlight with sensor provides a cost-effective solution for outdoor l..
Ex Tax: $39.00
Elcop 26W LED Double Spotlight
The Elcop Double LED Spotlight provides a cost-effective solution for outdoor lighting while giving ..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Elcop Twin 26W LED Spotlight with Sensor
Our Elcop Twin Spot with Sensor exterior light provides exceptional light coverage thanks to a state..
$57.20 $53.90 -6%
Ex Tax: $49.00