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With the professional detectors from Bosch, you will find feel safe with maximum reliability and safety

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Bosch Blue Line PIR Motion Detector
The Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors (ISC-BPR2) use two Fresnel lenses designed to produce sharpl..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Bosch Breakglass Detector with Magnetic Contact
The DS1109i Detector uses microprocessor-based sound analysis technology (SAT) to listen for the spe..
Ex Tax: $79.00
Bosch Panoramic Detector( 360° x 21m)
The ceiling mount DS939 PIR Detector provides a 21 m (70 ft) panoramic coverage pattern and can be u..
Ex Tax: $175.00
Bosch Panoramic Mirror PIR Detector-Ceiling Mount (360° x 18M)
These ceiling mount, 18 m (60 ft) panoramic PIR Detectors use Motion Analyzer II processing to reduc..
Ex Tax: $146.00
Bosch Professional PIR Motion Detector with Anti‑mask
 The Bosch ISC-PPR1-WA16G Professional PIR with Anti‑mask Movement Detector is a commercial gra..
Ex Tax: $149.90
Bosch Professional Series PIR Detector (16 m x 22m)
The ISC-PPR1-W16 Professional Series PIR Detector is exceptionally suited for commercial indoor..
Ex Tax: $79.90
Bosch Professional Series TriTech PIR Motion Detector (18 m x 24m)
The Bosch ISC-PDL1-W18G Professional Movement Detector is a commercial grade detector with excellent..
Ex Tax: $119.90
Bosch Radion Tri Tech(Dual Tech)  Wireless PIR Motion Detector
RADION TriTech uses artificial intelligence to detect motion and provide immunity to false alarms ca..
Ex Tax: $195.00
Bosch Radion Wireless PIR Motion Detector
RADION wireless from Bosch provides the range, scalability and exceptional battery life required to ..
Ex Tax: $130.00
Bosch Surface Mount Glass Break Detector
The Bosch Glassbreak Detector uses microprocessorbased sound analysis technology (SAT) to listen for..
Ex Tax: $79.00
Bosch Tri Tech Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector
The pet-friendly sensors generate alarms for human intruders without generating false alarms for pet..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Bosch Tri Tech PIR Motion Detector
The Blue Line Gen2 TriTech Motion Detectors use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and microwav..
Ex Tax: $82.00
Bosch Quad PIR Motion Detector
The Blue Line Gen2 Quad PIR Detector (ISCBPQ2‑W12) uses two individual sensors that operate like two..
Ex Tax: $37.00
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